Today, we’re excited to share some of our top janitorial tips to help you maintain a sparkling clean workspace that impresses clients and supports your team’s efficiency.

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Top Janitorial Tips

10 Top Janitorial Tips for Your Commercial Spaces

1. Develop a Cleaning Schedule

One of the most effective top janitorial tips is establishing a consistent cleaning schedule. Regular cleaning prevents dirt and grime buildup, creating a healthier environment. A structured timetable ensures every area, from high-traffic zones to seldom-used corners, gets the attention it needs. Tailor your cleaning schedule to the unique needs of your commercial space, considering factors like the size of your facility, the number of employees, and the nature of your business.

Key Points for an Effective Cleaning Schedule:

  • Daily Tasks: Dusting surfaces, emptying trash bins, cleaning restrooms, and sanitizing high-touch areas.
  • Weekly Tasks: Vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, and wiping down windows and doors.
  • Monthly Tasks: Deep cleaning carpets, polishing floors, and maintaining HVAC systems.

2. Prioritize High-Touch Areas

High-touch areas are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, making their cleanliness paramount. Focus on disinfecting doorknobs, light switches, elevator buttons, and shared equipment like printers and phones. This practice not only promotes health but also reassures employees and visitors that their well-being is a top priority.

High-Touch Areas to Focus On:

  • Door handles and push plates
  • Light switches
  • Elevator buttons
  • Shared office equipment
  • Breakroom appliances

3. Use the Right Cleaning Products

Using appropriate cleaning products is crucial for effective janitorial services. Different surfaces and areas require specific cleaners to avoid damage and ensure thorough sanitation. Opt for eco-friendly products that are safe for both employees and the environment. At ServiceMaster, we are committed to using green cleaning solutions that deliver outstanding results without compromising health or sustainability.

Recommended Cleaning Products:

  • Multipurpose Cleaners: For general surfaces
  • Glass Cleaners: For windows and mirrors
  • Disinfectants: For high-touch and restroom areas
  • Floor Cleaners: Suitable for different flooring types

4. Implement Green Cleaning Practices

Green cleaning practices are becoming increasingly important in today’s eco-conscious world. By choosing environmentally friendly products and methods, you not only protect the planet but also create a healthier workspace. Green cleaning reduces exposure to harmful chemicals, improves indoor air quality, and demonstrates your commitment to sustainability.

Green Cleaning Tips:

  • Use biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Implement energy-efficient cleaning equipment.
  • Reduce waste by using reusable cleaning cloths and mop heads.
  • Encourage recycling within the office.

5. Ensure Proper Waste Management

Effective waste management is a cornerstone of janitorial excellence. Regularly emptying trash bins, recycling appropriately, and disposing of hazardous materials correctly keeps your workspace clean and compliant with local regulations. Provide clearly labeled bins for recyclables, compost, and landfill waste to encourage proper disposal practices among employees.

Waste Management Best Practices:

  • Schedule regular waste collection.
  • Educate employees on recycling and composting.
  • Provide bins for hazardous waste, like batteries and electronics.
  • Conduct waste audits to improve practices.

6. Maintain Clean Restrooms

Clean restrooms are a reflection of your business’s attention to detail and respect for hygiene. Daily cleaning is essential, but periodic deep cleaning is necessary to address hidden dirt and prevent mold and mildew. Stock restrooms with necessary supplies like soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizers to promote good hygiene practices.

Restroom Cleaning Checklist:

  • Clean and disinfect toilets and sinks.
  • Wipe down countertops and mirrors.
  • Replenish supplies regularly.
  • Address any plumbing issues promptly.

7. Carpet and Floor Care

Regular carpet and floor maintenance extend the life of these surfaces and enhance the overall appearance of your workspace. Vacuum carpets daily and schedule professional deep cleanings periodically. For hard floors, daily sweeping and mopping, along with regular polishing, keep them looking their best.

Floor Care Tips:

  • Use mats at entrances to reduce dirt tracking.
  • Apply protective coatings to high-traffic areas.
  • Spot spills and stains right away.
  • Schedule routine professional cleanings.

8. Encourage Employee Participation

Creating a clean workspace is a team effort. Encourage employees to maintain their individual work areas by keeping desks clutter-free and participating in communal cleaning activities. Clear guidelines on cleanliness expectations can foster a culture of responsibility and pride in the workplace.

Ways to Involve Employees:

  • Provide cleaning supplies at workstations.
  • Plan frequent cleanup days.
  • Recognize and reward cleanliness efforts.
  • Offer training on proper cleaning practices.

9. Expert Cleaning Services

While daily maintenance by your team is crucial, partnering with a professional janitorial service like ServiceMaster ensures your workspace receives the deep cleaning it needs. Professional cleaners have the expertise, equipment, and products to tackle complex cleaning tasks, from floor care to HVAC maintenance, providing a level of cleanliness that supports your business’s reputation and operational efficiency.

Benefits of Professional Cleaning:

  • Comprehensive cleaning plans tailored to your needs.
  • Access to advanced cleaning equipment and products.
  • Expert cleaning services.
  • Reliable, consistent service.

10. Stay Updated on Cleaning Standards

The commercial cleaning industry is constantly evolving, with new standards and best practices emerging regularly. Staying informed about these changes ensures your cleaning methods remain effective and compliant with health regulations. ServiceMaster keeps abreast of industry trends and integrates the latest techniques and products into our services to deliver top-notch results.

Staying Informed:

  • Attend industry conferences and workshops.
  • Subscribe to cleaning and facilities management publications.
  • Partner with a cleaning service that prioritizes ongoing education and training.


A clean, well-maintained workspace is vital for the success of any business. By following these top janitorial tips, you can create an environment that enhances productivity, impresses clients, and promotes health and well-being. Whether you choose to manage cleaning in-house or partner with a professional service like ServiceMaster Janitorial Services, the key is consistency and attention to detail.

At ServiceMaster, we are dedicated to providing exceptional cleaning services to commercial spaces in the San Francisco Bay area. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve a spotless workspace that stands out for all the right reasons. Together, let’s make your business shine!