Cleaning is part of our daily activities whether at home or in our workplace or anywhere we go but there are a lot of simple cleaning tips everywhere in the internet and we gathered some. This is somewhat becoming a must do as of today’s situation not just in our area but in the whole world due to the pandemic outbreak that started in 2020.

Below are the simple cleaning tips that we can do within ourselves at home or in the office.

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips
  1. Create a Clean Office/Home Culture – Cleaning starts within you. It may start from cleaning your working station before leaving the office. all employees needs to have this attitude and should be oriented that cleaning should be part of their daily tasks. It will brighten their day at work.
  2. Make Cleaning Supplies Readily Available – As part of the employees cleaning daily task, making cleaning supplies available all the time can effectively remind them of tidying their own workstations.
  3. Remove Trash Everyday – In every workstation, a small trash bin can help. Take it from me, I have it.
  4. Clean the Floors – Cleaning the floors through vacuuming, mopping or simple sweeping the floor are a must. It should be done daily by in house cleaners.
  5. Disinfect Your Comfort Rooms – One of the most useful areas in the office is your comfort rooms. Maintaining it to be clean is such a hard work to do for a cleaner but will definitely help all your employees to be safe when using it. Disinfecting it a couple of times in a day is advisable especially during this times.
  6. Clean The Pantry – Of course, we won’t forget this place as where we do our coffee and take a meal. Cleaning it as much as possible is also a must.
  7. Clean your electronics regularly – Our computers and keyboards must be also cleaned. This is also saving money as these electronics needs a cleaning habit.
  8. Hire a Competent Cleaning Service – Yes, we are competent and we do our service effectively to make your offices more efficient and safe to your employees.
Cleaning Tips
Cleaning Tips

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