Running a facility or a building by maintaining a cleaning environment may be a tough job but at the same time is a need. Therefore, a comprehensive cleaning may be the solution to that problem and ServiceMaster – Janitorial Services is ready to take off!

A definition of a comprehensive cleaning is when effective cleaning practices are best served utilizing products that best suit the environment and user-friendly at the same time. 

Why Choose Us?

ServiceMaster serves the best janitorial assistance.

·         We are fully trained to be most considerate and sensitive to the needs of our clients.

·         We understand that each facility has its unique needs depending on the size and design of the facility.

·         We understand the exact need of each client which is our priority and give a justification for their struggles when it comes to cleaning needs. 

·         We are committed to serve our clients better treatment they deserve.

Comprehensive Cleaning Cleaning Services
Comprehensive Cleaning Cleaning Services

What will happen during a comprehensive cleaning service?

During a comprehensive or complete package cleaning service, we do all cleaning from the floor to the walls to the upholstery or everything that needs our services. The team will arrive 15 minutes before the target start time. Before the day of service, all has been planned and agreed based on the time, date, cleaning materials and the spots that need to be cleaned.

What will happen after the cleaning service?

In each service we do, we are always open to any concerns that our clients reach us. So, do not hesitate whenever you have questions or concerns whether it’s the service or the team itself, you can call us anytime and we will address each concern with the right and correct response. Rest assured that our client’s concern is always on top of our priority.

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